BAKLAY: House to House Survey

One of the main highlights of the 2nd immersion is to gather primary data in order to come up with the problems present in the community. In order to acquire this data, the need to conduct survey was necessary. The team initiated their house to house survey with their prepared survey forms which asks different health-related questions. This was also used to establish the household profile of the barangay.
Every house from Purok 1 to Purok 7 was scouted by the team for a week and a half. In this survey, they did not only establish rapport with the community people, but also learned their ways of living, concerns, and even the problems they are encountering in their community. Much more, the team had also seen the harsh reality on the living conditions on some of the community people.

The people have been very welcoming to the team during their survey and even appreciated the team’s efforts in going to houses which are kilometers away from the main road.