Maayong Panglawas sa Sto. Niño, Makab-ot Nato!

With the remaining days in the community, the team conducted their first General Assembly with the people in the barangay. In the saidevent , we presented our gathered data to the people for them to also visualize and be aware of what the team has had done during our second immersion. This was attended by the barangay officials, graduating AdZU-SOM students, the SK officers, and the people themselves.

The team also organized some games to entertain the people and for them to mingle and know other people from other puroks.

They presented their perceived problems after we presented the data, and came with various health-related issues. These include toilet facility problems, lack of clean and safe water, solid waste management, hypertension, high number of unvaccinated pets.

Using the Maglaya prioritization, they were able to come up with the mentioned problems, in which they also agreed.

The program ended with a positive feedback from the people and they were optimistic that these problems will be addressed for the years to come, with them working hand in hand.


BAKLAY: House to House Survey

One of the main highlights of the 2nd immersion is to gather primary data in order to come up with the problems present in the community. In order to acquire this data, the need to conduct survey was necessary. The team initiated their house to house survey with their prepared survey forms which asks different health-related questions. This was also used to establish the household profile of the barangay.
Every house from Purok 1 to Purok 7 was scouted by the team for a week and a half. In this survey, they did not only establish rapport with the community people, but also learned their ways of living, concerns, and even the problems they are encountering in their community. Much more, the team had also seen the harsh reality on the living conditions on some of the community people.

The people have been very welcoming to the team during their survey and even appreciated the team’s efforts in going to houses which are kilometers away from the main road.

Ugaliing Magtanim, Sapat na Nutrisyon Aanihin

In line with the National Nutrition Month celebration held every July, the Sto. Niño Elementary School in cooperation with the Rural Health Unit of Tampilisan and the Team Sto. Niño held their commencement program of the said celebration last July 5, 2018. The theme “Ugaliing Magtanim, Sapat na Nutrisyon Aanihin” aims to give awareness, the importance of planting as a source of nutritious, economical and palatable fruits and vegetables for every Filipino household. Glenn Garcia of Team Sto. Niño gave his inspiring message on the benefits of being healthy by achieving it holistically.

The program was initiated by the school and guests were Team Sto. Niño, as well as the District Nurse. Part of the program was the Best “Law-oy” contest, a dish with various vegetables which were participated by every grade level. Parents were happily helping in preparing and in cooking as a support for their children.

A feeding of all the pupils was also done, to promote healthy eating. One of the highlights that Team Sto. Niño prepared during that day was the Nutri Quiz Bee and Poster Making contest which were joyfully participated by the pupils. Prizes were given to the winners, thanks to the very supportive Dr. Carmel Mathilda Lazeda of the RHU. 😊

Katigulangan, Garbo sa Barangay!

On this, the barangay’s Senior Citizens Organization headed by Mr. Felicisimo Bulac had their monthly meeting. It was a fun-filled activity, as we were able to witness how united and participative the members of the organization in dealing and tackling their agenda.

Also, we were formally introduced to the members and gave us a moment to give them a glimpse of why we are in their barangay. It’s overwhelming how open-hands they were in welcoming us that everyone participated in our prepared mini “zumba” as well as the blood pressure check-up for them. They assured us of their support in the activities that we will have.

Oplan Goodbye Bulate

With the government’s effort to eradicate the cases of parasitic infection among the Filipino children, the Rural Health Unit of Tampilisan conducted the Oplan Goodbye Bulate. Barangay Sto. Nino, with their assigned NDP and with the medical students, helped in conducting the said activity.