Mag-andam Kita: A Training on Basic First Aid, Life Support and Firefighting

     As the immersion comes to an end, Barangay Sto. Nino undergone a 2-day training on Basic First Aid, Basic Life Support and Basic Firefighting. This is in collaboration with the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC) and Bureau of Fire (BFP) of Tampilisan through the AdZU-SOM medical students, with the aim of […]

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Kalimpyo sa Barangay, Ikanunay!

It’s no secret that barangay Sto. Niño has a waste segregation problem. And it doesn’t help that the two often used but clearly dysfunctional MRF’s are standing right on the side of the highway. So what to do about this problem? We fix it as soon as possible, and that’s exactly what happened. The SK […]

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Dodong Hugaw Invades SNES

The medical students conducted their health teaching to the pupils of Sto. Niño Elementary School on January 25, 2019. To make the presentation more interactive and make the pupils participate, the group made a role playing type of discussion and picks pupils for each role. The main character, Dodong Hugaw was portrayed by Glenn Garcia, […]

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Baklay 3: House to house survey

As the 3rd immersion starts, the medical students continue their house-to-house survey with the goal of identying the problems presented in each of the households, specififcally those who have problems in the toilet, water, hypertension and as well as the solid waste management. As a result of the survey, there were still additional households identified […]

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Ms. SWM : Basura sa Barangay

To address the barangay’s problem on solid waste management, the medical students together with the Sangguniang Kabataan of Sto. Niño conducted a pageant, the Ms. Gay Q & A. Different candidates from the barangay exhibited their wit as they as they fight for the crown. The pageant promoted the awareness of having proper solid waste […]

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